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Our Story

Kabitenyos Filipino & Asian Variety Store

The Kabitenyos story all starts 11 years ago when we first immigrated to Canada.

My wife, Janice, and I moved to Truro, Nova Scotia from the Philippines to work in a Fast Food Chain in January 2011. On our days off we always cooked the food that we missed eating back home. The problem was we needed to travel to the city to access most of the ingredients and groceries needed to cook our authentic meals. It is even harder these days as one needs to spend so much more for gas let alone the extra travel time out of our busy lifestyles.

Since we had a little background in sales and my boyhood dream was always to run my own business someday, we decided to open our own Filipino and Asian Grocery store. This has allowed us to help all the people that live in Truro and surrounding communities to find authentic Asian groceries. I love to cook, so I also planned on sharing recipes for authentic Filipino and Asian dishes which could be made using ingredients and groceries from our own store.

As of November 2020 this became a reality, and we opened Kabitenyos in Truro on 572 Prince Street. We are selling a large variety of items from whole frozen fish and seafood, sausages, Asian condiments, assorted spring roll wrappers and dumplings, a variety of other specialty groceries, drinks and desserts, and one of our best sellers OUR SIOPAO (Pork & Chicken Steamed Buns). Our plan is to bring more selections to the people of Truro and neighboring towns.

We hope to see you at the store, however, delivery is also available for your convenience. Thank You everyone. God Bless Us All! – Rhon